Restore-A-Garage Etch Clean

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Restore A Garage Etch and Clean is a concentrated, acidic cleaning solution that produces a light etch. The material uses phosphoric acid to lightly etch the surface and remove mild efflorescence. Using phosphoric instead of muriatic acid gently increases the porosity without damaging the substrate, thereby allowing better penetration.

  • Prepares concrete for staining and sealing

  • Mild acid etches concrete

  • Concentrated 4 parts Water to 1 part ETCH & CLEAN

  • Sprays easily in acid-resistant sprayer

  • Do Not allow to dry on concrete.

  • Rinses with water.

  • Dense concrete surfaces may require mechanical preparation to accept dyes, stains, and sealers.


Dilute the material as described. Test Etch and Clean to assure compatibility. Pre-wet surface with water. Apply with a pump sprayer and scrub with a nylon brush. Do not allow the solution to dry on the substrate. Once cleaning is complete, pressure wash or scrub with clean water, rinsing away all the cleaning solution. Let dry completely before application of coating or stain.


When diluted about 500-750 per gallon.


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  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Alex · 09/01/2022
    What is the effect on asphalt since it has to be rinsed and the water will run out the door,
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 09/01/2022
      It may etch it so rinse well right away to avoid any deep etching.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    South End Builders · 06/08/2022
    We have a two car garage that was recently re-surfaced to repair spalling.  The floor has not been sealed or polished.  Are we still required to etch the concrete before epoxy application?  Thanks!
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Chris · 10/02/2021
    I am looking to finish part of my basement floor approx. 800 Sq Ft.  The house is 6 years old and the floor is in great condition.  
    2 questions:1- If I etch the floor indoors with no drainage, how do you suggest I rinse the etch solution off the floor- would a mop work?
    2- There are large sections of concrete with seems in between. I do not mind the look of the seems and was wondering if I could just epoxy over them and let the seems show?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Mark Gustafson · 09/29/2021
    Have 1,200 sqft. Garage to epoxy. New, 7 months. Only a minor tire track. Finish was not polished floated. Owner pressure washed. Still need acid bath?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Rori · 09/16/2021
    How can I prep/etch a basement floor without pressure washing (there's HVAC equipment down there etc)? The existing paint will be taken off with a concrete grinder. Thanks!
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 09/16/2021
      The grinder should be sufficient for the prep.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Anthony De Filippo · 09/08/2020
    Is this a one gallon container? It does not specify.