We understand that you may need help with their Epoxy restoration and that not all projects are the same. 

We will ask some specific questions and reply to what you will need to do in your Epoxy restoration process and the appropriate products and amounts to purchase, so it receives the proper prep and treatment required.

In the comment section below, you must include:

  • Square Footage of Area to be Restored:
  • Approximate age of concrete:
  • If applicable, has a previous coating been used before:
  • Any oil or grease spills:
  • Do you have access to a pressure washer:
  • Miscellaneous info:
  • Include 1-3 Photos of Restoration Project. There is a link to upload photos in the bottom right corner of the comment area.


  1. Do not apply if the temperature is below 55° F or above 85° F.
  2. All prior coatings must be removed or grinded off to adhere properly.
  3. Apply only when temperature and humidity are at their lowest point of the day. Avoid hot direct sunlight.
  4. You must wait at least 30 to 60 days for new concrete to cure.
  5. The Epoxy material should be at 70° F to 75° F before using it.
  6. No water or rain for at least 48 hours after applying.
  7. No car traffic within the first 48 hours after applying.
  8. Be sure to fill all large cracks, holes, and depressions prior to applying.
  9. A complete cure of the Epoxy coating is 24 to 48 hours at 65º F and less than 50% humidity. Do not close the garage door, walk on, or drive on until fully cured. Temperatures lower than 75° will result in longer cure times.


One Coat except 2 coats recommended for Beige, White & Yellow colors.

3-Gallon Epoxy Kit coverage 380-480 sq. Ft. at 10 mils dft or 240 sq. Ft. At 20 mils dft (dry film thickness)

1.5-Gallon Epoxy Kit coverage 190-240 sq. Ft. at 10 mils dft or 240 sq. Ft. At 20 mils dft (dry film thickness)

R A G Garage Floor Measurement Chart 2



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  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Don · 04/23/2020
    do you have a you tube video of the application process
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Mike H · 04/22/2020
    what product should be used to fill cracks or dimples in the floor? My floor has had a thin coat of paint applied that is quite faded. Is this a problem or will etch deal with that?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 04/22/2020
      You will have to diamond grind off the current paint. We do not offer any fillers but a good concrete epoxy caulk will work for the cracks.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Philip · 04/20/2020

    I am wanting to coat my garage floor. It is 16x22. I need a tan color to go with my color scheme. The other colors (with the exception of the grays of course) are too loud (red, green, blue, etc). Other Epoxy coating sites offer a tan color in addition to the other colors you have. The beige requires a 2 coats, but most other colors do not. Is there any way to order a tan color? I would prefer to order from you.

    My garage has never had any coating and is free of oil stains, etc. I do have access to a pressure washer. Concrete is 7-8 years old and in excellent condition.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      RAD Products · 04/20/2020
      I am sorry but the only tan color that we offer is the Beige. All lighter colors will require two coats.